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I have never danced before and have no experience in partner dancing. Can I join Turku Swing Society's courses?

Absolutely! In the beginner courses, no dance background is required. Everyone who can walk and count to at least eight can learn partner dances. Most people start partner dancing without any previous dance experience and get hooked. Come and give it a try!

What should I wear in the dance courses?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. You don't necessarily need sports attire since it's not a sports performance but rather a form of dance exercise. However, keep in mind that you may get warm while dancing, so consider this when choosing your outfit. Don't forget to bring your own water bottle!

In swing dances, it's common to wear flat-soled shoes with a sufficiently slippery sole (avoid rubber-soled indoor sports shoes, for example). We don't recommend buying expensive dance shoes until you have familiarized yourself with the basics of the dance and understand the type of footwear you truly need. For beginner classes, you can easily dance in sneakers (with light colored soles), with socks, or even with woolen socks. If you already have dance shoes like ballroom shoes or suede-soled dance slippers, they are suitable for dancing as well.
In Argentine tango, having a heel is not a problem for dancing, but transitioning to high heels is not necessary or recommended until you have found your own balance and have grasped the fundamentals of the dance.

For more information about shoes and equipment, you can ask the specific dance style coordinators (see contact info) or the teachers.

Can I come to the courses without a dance partner?

You can attend our classes either alone or with a partner. All our classes include partner rotation, so everyone who is interested gets the opportunity to dance. Those who attend without a partner may need to wait for their turn to join the class, as we strive to maintain a good balance between leaders and followers. Therefore, it's advisable to sign up early to secure your spot in the class.

Can I dance only with my own partner?

Yes! If you prefer, you can dance with your own partner during the classes. However, please note that participating in partner rotation is recommended for the sake of learning and skill development.

What language is spoken in the classes?

Classes are primarily conducted in Finnish. However, if there are participants who do not understand Finnish, the language of instruction will be English. In such cases, the teaching can be translated partially or entirely into Finnish as needed. Even if the instruction is in English, participants are still welcome to speak and ask questions in Finnish. So, whether you are comfortable with Finnish or English, you will do just fine, and we'll make sure of it!

Will the course offering and schedule stay the same next season?

Our course selection varies from season to season. The courses are organized based on the availability of suitable venues and the availability of teachers. Additionally, the course selection may vary depending on the demand of the dance community. In the past, we have also offered instruction in dances such as Boogie-Woogie and Blues.

Are classes held during school holiday weeks?

School holiday weeks (autumn break / winter break) do not affect our course schedules. However, please note that our courses may coincidentally be on a break at the same time depending on the availability of instructors. In such a situation, any exceptions to the schedule will be announced separately and in advance by email and on the website.


When do the courses start? When can I register for the next beginner course?

Our new courses usually start around the transition between September-October and January-February. If you have missed the start of the courses, you can still join on the second or, at the latest, the third class. Occasionally, we also organize intensive courses on weekends and during the summer. Check out our regular course offerings  and current events. The course schedule is published before the start of the season.

What do "leader" and "follower" mean? In what role should I register for the course?

In the role of the leader, as the name suggests, you lead your dance partner through patterns of your choice. The follower interprets the lead and adds their own styling to the dance. Depending on the dance style, the follower may also have the opportunity to influence the lead to a greater or lesser extent. Both roles have their own challenges and intricacies.
Many experienced dancers also learn the opposite dance role as it enhances their proficiency in both roles. Being skilled in both roles makes the dance hobby more enjoyable and versatile – sometimes you can even switch roles on the fly during a dance!
Traditionally, leaders have been men and followers have been women, but nowadays gender has no significance in choosing a dance role. You can enroll in the courses in whichever role you prefer! However, please note that you can participate in the class in only one role at a time to maintain a good leader-follower balance during the lessons.

When will I receive confirmation of my enrollment in the course?

Course confirmations are sent to registered participants at regular intervals (approximately once a week) when we can guarantee the course will take place and reserve a spot for you. We prioritize maintaining a good balance between leaders and followers in our courses, so you may have to wait to join the course if there are more registrations in one role compared to the other. To ensure your spot in the course, you can register with a partner. Feel free to inquire about the current course status from the course coordinators of the different dance styles at any time.
Sometimes, confirmations may end up in your spam folder, so remember to check your spam folder as well. Occasionally, there may be technical issues with sending confirmations. We also notify you if the course is full, so if you haven't received any information about your course enrollment, please make sure to confirm your course status with the course coordinator of the dance style before making any other plans!


Can I participate in all courses with the same course fee?

Yes, you understood correctly! Payments and payment practices may vary from season to season depending on the situation. This season, you can participate in all the dance courses of the season with a single course fee! However, please remember to register separately for each course you wish to attend.

Can I participate in the courses with a single-class fee?

Generally, our courses do not allow drop-in attendance, as we aim to maintain a good balance between leaders and followers. However, we have made exceptions in certain cases.

Can I pay with a sports voucher?

At the moment, it is not possible to pay course or event fees with exercise vouchers, but we are currently looking into this matter.

What is the bank account number of Turku Swing Society?

The bank account number and the treasurer's email address can be found by visiting contact info page. Please note that the payment instructions (reference number, bank account number, and due date) will be sent to you in a separate email after registration. If you don't find the payment message, please also check your spam folder. If you have any questions regarding payments, you can contact our treasurer.

Couldn't find an answer to your question? No worries! Check out our contact info page and find the appropriate contact person for your inquiry. Feel free to send them a message, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!