Turku Swing Society Ry

We are a vibrant rock'n'swing partner dance association specializing in swing dances and Argentine tango. Turku Swing Society (TSS) was established in October 2005, and our goal is to promote swing dances and Argentine tango and to be more than just a dance association. We strive to create a community where everyone is on an equal footing and where everyone is included and valued.

We organise weekly lessons of Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango in the autumn and spring seasons depending on availability. We also hold dance parties and free practices throughout the year and offer occasional classes in the summer. We also organise different weekend and intensive courses. We offer lessons by level groups from the very beginners to those who have been dancing for a long time.

We inform about upcoming events and other current matters on our website, in our member newsletter, and on social media. Read more about our communication here.

Here you can find the association's current rules, action plan, activity report and privacy policy.

Board and active members 2024

Our activities are based entirely on the contribution of volunteers. We are constantly looking for new enthusiastic helpers for various responsibilities, both small and larger, to sustain our association's activities.

All members are welcome to attend the meetings of the Turku Swing Society board. If you would like to get involved and have a say, or simply listen in, feel free to ask our head of the board for the next meeting time!

If you are interested in association activities, you can find more information here!

Board members:

  • Head of the Board and Lindy Hop Coordinator: Nuutti Vertanen: puheenjohtaja(at)turkuswingsociety.com, lindyhop(at)turkuswingsociety.com
  • Vice Chairperson, Venue and Music Coordinator: Antero Seppänen
  • Secretary: Maria Mylläri: tiedottaja(at)turkuswingsociety.com
  • Treasurer: Jelena Vuorinen: rahastonhoitaja(at)turkuswingsociety.com
  • Deputy members: Oona Peltonen, Markus Harteela

Other coordinators:

  • Member Representative and Data Security, Equality, and Well-being Coordinator: Oona Peltonen: jasenvastaava(at)turkuswingsociety.com
  • Webmaster: Mari Salonen
  • Registration Coordinator: Sergey Borisov
  • Argentine Tango Coordinator: Robert Hafrén, tangoargentino(at)turkuswingsociety.com
  • West Coast Swing Coordinator: Disa Sjögren, wcs(at)turkuswingsociety.com
  • Assistant West Coast Swing Coordinator: Mikko Peltonen de Santiago

Teachers 2024

Our teachers are dedicated volunteers who have been practicing their dance styles for a long time. They continuously maintain and develop their skills, and some of them also compete in their respective dance styles.

  • Lindy Hop: Jasmin Moussa, Olli Moisio, Marianna Manninen
  • West coast swing: Terhi Vuovirta, Hannu-Pekka Schukov, Jelena Vuorinen, Disa Sjögren, Mikko Peltonen de Santiago, Antero Seppänen
  • Argentine Tango: Eeva-Mari Salminen