Summer's WCS Rally and free practices

Short info:

W h e n :
On Thursdays 21.7.-1.9.
WCS Rally: at 17.30-18.45 (1h 15min)
WCS free practice: at 18.45-20.15 (1h 30min)

W h e r e :
Taimi 2 (Puutarhakatu 21, 20100 Turku)

P r i c e :
Rally: 20 € / 7 practices (incl. free practice)
Vaparit: 3 € / practice
MobilePay or cash.

WCS Rally

TSS is offering a chance to learn the West Coast Swing Rally choreography. Every year WCS dancers around the world gather to learn a new choreo and perform it in the beginning of September. This year the magic day will be Saturday September 3rd. The performances (about 3 of them) have been on Saturday afternoon, after which we often go together to grab coffee or dinner. Check out this year's Rally choreography!

TSS offers the opportunity to learn this year's Rally under the guidance of teachers in seven sessions. We recommend that the participant has taken a West coast swing beginners course. The classes will be held every Thursday from 21st of July at 17.30-18.45 at Taimi 2 (Puutarhakatu 21, 20100 Turku). The last session is on 1st of September. After the Rally practice there will be a 1,5 hour free practice. To cover the rent, the Rally practice costs 20 € /7 times and the fee includes free practice sessions. A free practice session costs 3 € / time if you do not attend the Rally practice. The fee is paid either before the first participation by bank transfer or during the first participation by MobilePay or cash. It is very possible to learn the Rally even if you can't start learning until later or if you miss a few sessions.
No pre-registration is required for the rally practice sessions or the free practices. Participation in the performance on 3.9. is voluntary. Learning the international choreography adds a bit of spice to the world of West Coast Swing.

- Participants need to be completely healthy when coming to the classes. If you are feeling even slightly unwell, don't come to the classes!
- Participants are asked to follow good hand and coughing hygiene (hands are to be washed with soap or with disinfectant before and after the classes).
Please note that TSS does not insure participants in the practice sessions.

Link to the WCS Rally Facebook event.

WCS free practice

TSS will organize west coast swing free practices every Thursday between 21.7 and 1.9 at Taimi 2 (Puutarhakatu 21, 20100 Turku). In the free practices, music suitable for west coast swing will be played. Free practices are an opportunity for everyone to work on their dancing regardless of their skill level. You do not need a partner to attend. Come and join us dancing!
The fee for the free practice is 3 € / practice to help cover the rent (Free practice is included in the Rally fee). Payment by MobilePay or cash.

Link to the WCS free practice Facebook event.