FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I've never danced before, can I come to TSS's dance courses?

Yes, you can! In our beginners courses, previous dancing experience is not required.

Can I come to the courses without a dance partner?

You can come to our courses alone or with a partner. We rotate partners in all of our dance courses, so everyone gets to dance. If you come with a partner and don't want to switch partners during the course, that is also possible, but we don't recommend it.

Where can I find the registration form?


What's TSS's bank account number?

You can ask for the bank account number and for your personal reference number from our treasurer, if needed. Course payment information is emailed to you after your registration has been confirmed.

Will the course offering and timetable stay the same next semester?

The courses we offer may change from semester to semester. The courses will be held according to the available dance studios and teachers. Also, the demand from the dance community influences what courses we offer. For example, we've had boogie woogie and blues courses in the past.

When do the courses start? When can I participate in the next beginners course?

New courses begin usually in September and in January. If you missed the beginning of the courses, don't worry, you can still join us the second or at the latest the third time. Sometimes we organize intensive workshops on the weekends. Here you can find the timetable of our weekly courses.

What should I wear in the dance courses?

You can wear casual, relaxed clothes in which it is easy for you to move. Sport clothing is not necessary for the dance courses. Nevertheless, when choosing clothes, try to take into account that while you dance you can get a bit warm.

In swing dances (lindy hop and west coast swing), you'll need flat shoes that are slippery enough for turning and spinning. (Sport shoes with rubber soles are not recommended.) We don't suggest that you go and buy expensive dancing shoes before you know the basics well enough to really know what kind of shoes you need. In the beginners courses, you can by all means dance in your socks or your everyday sneakers. If you already have, for example ballroom dance shoes with leather soles, you can use them as well.

In Argentine tango, it doesn't matter if you have heels in your shoes, but it's recommended that you have a good balance and good basic technique before moving into high heeled shoes.