Dance styles

Argentine tango

Argentine tango is based on interpreting the rhythm and melody of tango music as well as free lead and follow in a closed dance position. The music is mostly from Argentina from the 20s through to the 40s, but tango can also be danced to for example waltz or modern electro tango.
Previous experience in dancing is not required; the beginners’ course starts from the very basics. However, learning the basics will take some patience. Tango is an improvised dance where the leader chooses the movements as he interprets the music. Taught figures can be freely mixed to make unique combinations, so you don’t need to learn any long choreographies. The most important thing is to listen to your partner and to be invested in dancing together. The dance offers meaningful challenges for beginners and experienced dancers, since everyone can improve individually based on their own skills.

Lindy hop

Lindy hop (originally called jitterbug) is the first swing dance and the base from where all other rock’n’swing dances have originated. It was danced in the US in the 1920’s, with the real boom during the golden age of big bands and swing music from 1935 to 1940.
At first, lindy was danced by America’s black population in the Harlem jazz and swing clubs, but little by little the dance was picked up by the white population, too. During the war, American soldiers and movies helped the dance spread around the world.
Lindy hop is an energetic, rhythm-driven and versatile partner dance that is nowadays danced around the world to slow and fast jazz and swing music, mainly in an open hold position.

Turku Swing Society participated in the "I Charleston the World" challenge in 2014.

West Coast Swing

West coast swing came about in the 40’s on the west coast of the United States. West coast swing has the basic 6-count and 8-count steps familiar from lindy hop and boogie woogie, but the gliding movement is significantly different from bouncy rock’n’swing dances. The music is also vastly different from other rock’n’swing dances. West coast swing can very well be danced to for example modern r’n’b music. It is a living, constantly developing dance.

Turku Swing Society participates annually in the International West coast swing rally / performance. In 2018 we surprised people in the Mylly, Skanssi, Hansa shopping malls, Saippua Center and in the Fight back run (Vanha suurtori):

Join us in the rehearsals next summer!