Autumn 2021 course timetable

Autumn season courses

The autumn season West coast swing courses start on Monday 27.9. and Argentine tango courses start on Thursday 7.10.
The autumn season is divided into two parts: each period includes six classes of West coast swing courses and five classes of Argentine tango courses. The second period begins in the week 45.
NB! The beginner courses won't start over in the second period. The courses will continue where they left off in the first period.

The special arrangements and the limited course offering are due to the coronavirus situation and the uncertainty that it causes.

Subject to change.

Time Course Teachers Location Starting date
17.30-18.30 West coast swing Intermediate Disa, Terhi, Mari, Mikko and Antero Tanssikoulu Play 27.9. and 8.11.
18.45-19.45 West coast swing Advanced Disa, Terhi, Mari, Mikko and Antero Tanssikoulu Play 27.9. and 8.11.
20.00-21.00 West coast swing Beginners Disa, Mari, Mikko and Antero Tanssikoulu Play 27.9. and 8.11.
18.00-19.15 Argentine tango Intermediate Jenna Tarmon talo 7.10. and 11.11.
19.30-20.45 Argentine tango Beginners Jenna Tarmon talo 7.10. and 11.11.

Please, arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts, so the teaching can start on time and coming late won't interrupt the class.

Pre-registration for weekly courses

For the autumn season, there will be a pre-registration for all courses to ensure a good lead-follow balance. You can register for one period at a time and the registration form can be found here. You will receive an email when you have been accepted to the courses. Payment information will also be sent in a separate email.

Course fees

Course information

Argentine tango Beginners

Welcome to the tango beginner course! The course starts from the basics, and no previous dancing experience is needed. The course is also perfect for those who would like a recap or to learn the opposite role. You do not need a partner to attend the course since partners will be rotated throughout the course. However, it's always possible to dance with your own partner only. Woolen socks or non-staining slippery shoes can be worn in the beginner course.
In the second period, the course continues where it left off in the first period.
Teacher: Jenna Polvi

Argentine tango Intermediate

In the intermediate course you will review and strengthen the skills acquired in the beginner course and learn new elements of movement. We concentrate on improving balance, body control and ability to dance to music which are essential for anyone wanting to proceed on the next course level. In addition, you will learn the basics of social dancing and get acquainted with tango vals and milonga. To attend the intermediate course you should have basic skills from the beginner course or approximately 6 months of dancing tango. Also those who have danced longer are warmly welcome to review and deepen their skills. You'll need slippery footwear, either dance shoes/sneakers or dance slippers. No partner needed, partners are changed continually during the lessons, but it's also possible to dance only with your own partner.
Teacher: Jenna Polvi

West coast swing Beginners

The West coast swing Beginners course starts from the very basics. You will get to learn the basic patterns of WCS and how to build a connection with your partner. You don't need any previous dancing experience nor your own partner, since partners will be rotated. The course is also suitable for dancers with previous WCS experience who want to brush up on their basic skills.
In the second period, the course continues where it left off in the first period.

West coast swing Intermediate

The course is for dancers who have at least taken the basics of WCS. The contents of the course varies from season to season and you should participate in it at least twice before moving on to the Advanced course. You will learn more patterns, technique and leading and following, and we'll also recap some of the technique of the Beginners course. The goal of the classes is to challenge you to learn the secrets of West coast swing and to enjoy this awesome dance!

West coast swing Advanced

The course is meant for dancers with at least two years of active WCS experience. You will be challenged with technique, lead and follow as well as demanding patterns. Our advanced classes are taught by competing WCS dancers, so high-quality classes are guaranteed.


Tanssikoulu Play

Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21, 20100 Turku.

Tarmon talo

Virusmäentie 10, 20300 Turku.
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